Marina di Campo

The holiday home is located in a quiet area about 1500 metres from the centre of Marina di Campo and the equipped beach over 2 kilometres long.

The characteristic little town with an ancient seafaring vocation is today one of the major centres of Island tourism. Despite the great development towards tourist activity, the fishing tradition is still alive, as evidenced by the numerous nets and long lines of all kinds that fill the small and colourful wooden boats moored in the port.

To admire the gulf of Marina di campo in all its grandeur and splendour go up towards Sant'Ilario or San Piero, the picturesque and ancient hamlets known for the millenary granite quarries of Fonte del Prete, Claviere, Vallicella e Grottadoggi, where Important monuments and imperial columns have been carved.
In San Piero there is the Church of San Nicola, probably built on the remains of a roman temple, while in Sant'Ilario you can visit the Church of San Francesco.

Between the two small villages on the road that leads to Mount Perone, the starting point for many paths suitable for trekking and mountain biking, along which it is possible to admire the remains of a millenary settlement and endemic animal and plant species, you will find the tower of San Giovanni, erected in the 7th century on a previous Roman site. At a short distance away are the remains of the fascinating pisan-romanesque Church of San Giovanni, the largest primitive temple built by Christianity on the island.

Extraordinary for the beauty of the landscape and the sea that surrounds them are the beaches of Cavoli, Seccheto and Fetovaia formed by golden sand of granite origin that does not stick to the skin and are among the most loved and frequented beaches by young people.